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Forex Signal Performance

The centreforex signal alerts are mostly based on pending orders and are sent to you twice a day. The system generates several signals a day, yet we only send signals which offer at least a 1:1 Risk Reward Ratio. We use stop losses of 30 - 100 pips and have pre-defined take-profit levels. Occasionally, a take-profit level will be changed to a trailing stop if the market makes a clear break through our target level.
1. Every day you will get signal before London market opens with Entry Price,Stoploss Price and Target Price.
2. You have to keep strict stop loss which we have given.
3. Any correction or any changes on our signal means we will intimate you.
4. We will send you all our signals via Our WhatsApp, Website, Skype Chat, Facebook, and Email.
    ( At any time you have doubted you can check it out this page through your login )
5. You will get signals on 5 pairs ( Eur/Usd,Gbp/Usd,Usd/Chf,Eur/Jpy and Xau/Usd ).
6. Kindly use Money Management according to your equity.
Free Trade Copier Services : 
            We are offering a free forex trade copier service.
Subscribe our monthly subscription and get our FREE TRADE COPIER SERVICE
Copier setting up takes just a few minutes, its and can be done directly from the member pages, view, track and manage your accounts online effortlessly from a mobile or PC 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
             We are 100% transparent with our clients and we take the same trades we send to clients on our own accounts.
Our Trade Copier (also known as mirror trading) can copy your trades from one account (Master - Provider) to another one (Slave - Follower).Our Copy Trades will support copy across different technologies like MT4, cTrader, FXCM Trading Station, LMax,For instance, it means that you can copy a trade from cTrader to Metatrader 4.
            Our solution fully works in the cloud: nothing to install on your computer, no VPS needed, etc. You just need to setup your account in our cockpit - You can easily start to copy trades in less than 2 minutes!
              Our CentreForex Trading Systems Always have Stop Loss and Take Profit levels set on every single trade.
You can fix your leverage based on your risk tolerance. All trades are secured.
Consistent Profit Performance History
We update our Forex signal result regularly after closing a trade which makes us unique. Whatever our forex signals result is, we update everything in details honestly.Our performance is very transparent. We are the first signals provider with such clear trading result archive from the beginning. We update Forex signal best performance result regularly after closing a trade which makes us unique. Below is a daily update of the forex signals results month by month from 2013. We show our signal performance in terms of PIPS only which can differ when apply to the terminal with combined money and trade management.
In order to understand how to use our signals, we recommend reading and getting familiar with the used terms.
• Symbol – under this column you will find the currency pair for which the signals are made.
• Orders – This is the field where you should look whether the signals are BUY or SELL. Next to them would be the time when the signal was released.
• Pending signals – These signals could be:
     1.Buy Limit – a waiting buy order, which is going to be placed below the current market price
     2.Buy Stop – a waiting buy order, which is going to be placed above the current market price
     3.Sell Limit – a waiting sell order, which is going to be placed above the current market price
     4.Sell Stop – a waiting sell order, which is going to be placed below the current market price
• Open – These signals was running on open
• Entry Point – When to enter the market
• Take Profit – This is a target price. If set, when the market price goes to the target, the order would automatically be cleared and you would take the profit. It is recommended to always have an estimated target.
• Stop Loss – Probably the most important tool from our model. Experienced traders ALWAYS use stop losses for their positions, which would clear the order if the market goes against you with little loss.
Below we have provided the results of our performance its verified by the 3rd party MYFXBOOK link :-
We will not be liable for any loss or damages of your account for signal follower must use proper risk management which is key part of trading. We strongly suggest not to risk more than1 % - 2 % of risk in a single trade and maximum 5% risk in overall portfolio. One must calculate (position/order/size/volume) as per risk % before placing order.

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