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Since 2013 We Have Provided More Then 50,000 Pips as Profit - Subscribe and Get Our Live Forex Signals To Your Inbox     All our signals are trusted with reliable, nothing to hide or cheat on our signals , The account are verified by the 3rd party, You can able to view our account history     More Then 1000 % Returns On Last 12 Months From Our Normal Pamm Managed Accounts ( All Our Profits are Verified By 3rd Party MyFxbook ) : - Join With Our Pamm Account Services    

CentreForex started out in 2000 with highly professional and experienced traders as a new Broker with efficient and well regulated brokers. Later, our competence and jaw dropping success rate led us to provide safe investing solutions to safe guard our clients’ capital investments. We also started giving intraday signals & managing PAMM accounts. With the extensive knowledge of our professional traders, we give needed and timely support to our investors. Our Forex signals services are simple to follow with systematic approach to trading systems that will assist both new and experienced traders alike.
We are committed to an active trade management system that monitors any trade signal that moves from pending to live. This means that if you are looking for a truly set and forget system, we are not the service provider for you. However, if you are looking for a system that enables you to actively manage your trades in order to minimize your loss, then our signals are just for you.In addition to the Forex signals, we also operate a "Managed Account" service that replicates the forex trading signal service with a certain degree of discretionary trading. This service is as useful for clients accustomed to our trade signals, looking to place the management of their account in the hands of trade signal traders as it is for clients looking for a full-fledged managed account.
We are a small and very professional team of traders and we want to remain as such. We are very restrictive regarding traders and we check them extensively before deciding to include them in our team. All our traders share the same risk approach while trading with different styles. This is what allows us to diversify our risk and still be able to supply an extensive and complete service.
Our mission is to protect your trading capital, not just losing it.Also,our goal is to increase those assets at a rate superior to those found in other Professional organizations for a smaller cost.
Centreforex offers investment opportunities to private individuals. Our customer's funds are involved in the following financial activities: Equities,Commodities & Forex etc…. We seek out and join forces with progressive companies and smart investors who want to be part of a dynamic partnership - a partnership that has the power to fuel innovation and to create new wealth for everyone involved.
The company has been engaged in a 15-year research and development project centered on using the foreign exchange (Forex) retail market to enter,manage and exit small positions in the Forex market with minimal risk and high potential for profit.Our team of developers has produced a unique formula and method of entering the market that is currently showing over 90% accuracy, meanwhile most professional organizations can only state 30-50% accuracy.
Centreforex manages financial accounts for itself and its client.Our main strength comes from the utilization of strategic trading tools that require only minimal intervention, thus operating costs are kept small.
From R/D we have concluded a projected 90-226% increase in the accounts for ourselves and our clients, within the first year and an overall projection of 432% compounded increase over the next two years. Most other competitors offering asset management of this caliber project 50-75% annual increase, with their most aggressive approach, which can introduce the probability of total loss or worse, margin calls for more funds.
By utilizing our unique trading formula, we have been able to combine both risk management and limitation with highly successful entry and take profit formula that have resulted in outstanding performance till date. 

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