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A trader has to come across a number of different Forex signals. For a novice trader has to understand how to trade proficiently and gain knowledge of the Forex market, instead of just copying signals that they may not completely be aware of. Also, Forex managed accounts are now turning out to be a popular way of accessing the forex market for retail investors.

We are a leading Forex Signals Service in Dubai and have in-depth knowledge to assist the managed forex accounts and traders who require regular and reliable price indicator information along with a method to execute when the patterns arise. We provide investors the best Forex managed account services that give them the ability to profit from the currency market.

Our team of analysts offers accurate Forex Signals such as news trading signals, technical signals, and general trade signals to our traders in Dubai.  With a high aim to be one of the best forex signals providers in Dubai, we offer logical and profitable forex signals in real-time. Apart from that, we also offer our tips and advice using an upgraded server, via email, SMS, and website notification to make sure that our traders make the most of it.

Our Forex Signals Service in Dubai Includes

  • Account management – It is a subscriber’s account that can be traded by the signal provider
  • One-on-one coaching – A training via forums, comments section or other ways of interaction
  • Trading history – Get to see the number of pips, either loss or profit, per month, reward ratios /risk ratios, and real trades
  • Entry, exit and stop loss figures – It can be an exact or approximate, and for one or multiple currency pairs
  • Infographics –It is supported by graphs and analysis for the signals
  • Training resources – Educational material available via phone or online

Why hire us?

Hiring us will help you get all Forex signal service for traders and forex managed accounts under one roof.  We deliver safe and reliable daily alerts which will take off your pressure by advising you when and where to invest safely.  

Our handpicked analysts are experts in commodities and forex markets and you can blindly trust them for better results. We promise you not to confuse you with showing charts and information packages like some of our competitors do. All we would do is advise you when you need to buy, sell and put a halt to prevent risks.

Below we have provided the results of our performance it's verified by the 3rd party MYFXBOOK link:-

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