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Privacy Policy
          We value your privacy immensely and have substantial measures in place to protect you.Presented below are outlines of our privacy policies and standards.
            We make use of the collected personal information only to complete the stated objectives and other related purposes. If we put the information to any other use, we will takeconsent from the specified individual and even the law bodies, if required.
            We retain collected information only up till the task is accomplished. Once our purpose is accomplished, we do not retain the information any longer. When we collect personal information, we adherestrictly to guiding rules and regulations. The personal data you fill on our request should correlate with the stated purpose of request, so it must be filled accurately, completely and should be kept up to date to avoid discrepancies.
            We make it a point of duty to keep our clients personal information safe and inaccessible to unauthorized users, all information we are entrusted with are totally, adequately protected and fortified .We do not collect and store Credit/Debit card information of clients. We are willing to disclose our policies and practices in relation to the management of personal information to all our clients on request, whenever, however they need it.
            Centreforex will not be liable for any direct, indirect or incidental leak of personal information as a result of clients interactions with third parties directly or indirectly connected through our website or service(s).
            All information requested by centreforex is optional however failure to provide such information might result in our inability to manage your account. If there is for any reason at all a need to change any personal information, we implore our clients to intimate us in time and accurately so as to provide seamless services for them.
            If for any reason at all centreforex has to give out personal information of clients, it will be in total compliance and within legal premise. Specifically in cases relating to law enforcement agencies, to comply with a court order or other legal process and to protect our rights or property. If your personal information will be used for any other purpose(s) aside the aforementioned the client in question will be contacted and duly informed before such information is given out.

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